the practice

red herrings promotes connectedness, fun and creativity through play, movement and clown improvisation.

We offer

MartinApr16Fully Freely Me – One day workshops and longer courses in the fundamentals of clown improvisation.

“For the first time I can see my own and others vulnerability as both beautiful and deeply authentic”

We begin with self – our breath, movement, sound and playfulness. Using simple exercises to become aware of the beauty and creativity in each of us. It is a practice in coming home to ourselves. We don’t use gags, tricks or big shoes but gently facilitate the space for each person to create simple improvisations. Participants describe a sense of freedom, fun and self awareness.

Information about our next event is here.

Fully Freely Me can also be commissioned for teams, community groups, or organisations.

Regular clowning workshops in Nottingham.

Clown Illuminations – clown performances to build community, understand personal/archetypal story and create new ways of seeing and understanding

These take the form of community shows, with story and sharing from the audience and opportunities to join in is optional.

“Clowns bring a great sense of the absurd, which paradoxically we found profoundly enlightening. They helped to shine a light on difficult issues, and unlock our creativity and energy to move forward” 





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